What is Videobuilder?

Launched in November 2011, Videobuilder is now in use by over 200 magazines, event organisers and web publishers in the UK, United States, Middle East, Canada, Poland and Australia. It’s used by editorial and advertising sales teams from Reed Elsevier, UBM, Clarion, EMAP, Warners, IPC Media, Bauer and a host of small, specialist B2B and B2C titles.

Almost every web publisher Worldwide faces the same issues with online video. It’s expensive to make, costly to stream, difficult to monetise, & awkward to handle; yet your readers’ thirst for it only increases.

Many publishers have also discovered that buying expensive &
complex streaming products when they’ve nothing to stream (&
which their editorial & sales teams cannot use) is an expensive

Videobuilder’s been designed to help you overcome these problems,
& more.

The service is constantly being improved by the publishers &
organisers using it, and since its launch, the service has doubled in size
as users have continued making suggestions. Videobuilder has been
created specifically for ad sales, editorial, & marketing teams, & as
a result, no IT skills are needed to use it.

Join us & prepare to be amazing!

Call UK Office +44 (0)845 0176 386 or the US Office on 646 205 3240 if you want to discuss Videobuilder with us.

We’ve created Videobuilder just for editorial, marketing and ad sales teams. No integration and no IT teams needed. Ever.

Pick a player for your magazine or event, add your logo & colour, name up-to 8 channels, generate the embed code &

add to your site  & Facebook page. In seconds. Let advertisers buy space or sponsor a channel.

Instantly create single embed codes for any of your videos, in any size, and add them anywhere on your website.

The player you create is HTML5 & works beautifully on iPads & iPhones.

Videobuilder works perfectly with streaming from sources such as Vimeo and YouTube, letting you fill your channels

with unlimited volumes of video without incurring any streaming charges.

Maximise the power of other people’s video! Videobuilder’s search tools let you curate free video from 3rd 

party sources quickly. Fill your player with fabulous content you’ve not had to pay to produce.

Watch as the viewing traffic builds.

Videobuilder will automatically email the freshest advertising & editorial video content from around the web direct to

your in-box. Simply set your tags, add your editorial or ad sales teams email addresses, & Videobuilder

will send you new video content for your editorial teams to add or your sales teams to sell space to.

Add this great feature to your player with one click & let readers (or advertisers) submit video directly into it. 

Submitted video is first filtered in Videobuilder’s moderation area so you can check it.

Reader data collected during submission.

Easily add clickable links below each video in your player, to the advertiser or exhibitor’s website, email

address, Google map location and even brochure. Add Powerpoint slides to your filmed seminar content.


The auto-removal function allows you to set a date for videos to be automatically removed from

your player, keeping the advertising and editorial content in your player fresh and up-to-date.

Randomising the content in your channels means fresh video content’s selected for your site visitors

to view every-time they visit your site. They watch more, and you don’t end up with a player full of

the same old video content!

Players you create are linked with Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn so your readers can spread the content 

you’ve built on their social networks. Great at driving traffic!

Your readers can also use their Facebook accounts to comment on and “like” the video in the player.

Add pay-walls to your premium or seminar content in just a few clicks. Link your PayPal account to your 

Videobuilder account & take all the revenue. The freeview voucher code creator lets you

give your readers & exhibitors free access to pay-walled content.

Videobuilder users can access a UK network of x400 film-makers that’s made hundreds of videos for 

magazines & their advertisers & exhibitors (see examples). The network creates great video at fixed rates, efficiently & quickly

for you to add margin to if you wish.

Have some fun and use Videobuilder to run advertiser sponsored video competitions with the Submit a Video 

button. All submitted video is captured in the moderation area of your account so you can check it before

adding it to any of your 8 channels.

Videobuilder content uses free streaming from sources like Vimeo & YouTube, but if you have content you want 

kept privately, each account has access to Amazon Web Service’s streaming account with up to 50GB space.

This simple editing tool makes it super-easy for you to create & edit your own video content.

Create web-cam video, pull in images & video from your own devices, Facebook,

YouTube, Flickr & others. Make video in minutes!

Simple analytics allow you to view how many videos are being watched on your player & when.

Call us; we love a good natter & we’re here to help you get the best from our services. +44 (0)845 0176 386